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Finding the Positives in Challenging Times.

So this is a different kind of post, but as everything feels so different currently, I guess that doesn’t matter! Having done a lot of personal development work of late, I’m now beginning to realise how much my mindset has shifted. I’ve learnt that I cannot control everything, just my reaction to it…and this feels more important now than ever, with recent events and the changes happening every day!!

I’ve been feeling calm and grounded in the face of the COVID-19. There is so much about this situation that is out of our control, out of anyone’s control in fact. Ultimately I can only change things within my control. That goes from the basics, the handwashing, socially isolating as far as possible (incidentally as an introvert…this is something I will not struggle with!) to continuing to work in the NHS, following guidance and directives and trying my hardest to do my job, albeit in a very different way.

What has been coming to mind is the potential positives that we might take from this situation. Now obviously it is horrendous, and in no way am I dismissing the reality of that, but I have thought a lot about what good might come from it.

  • There will be increased time spent with our close family. I guess this could be a positive or negative, depending on your particular relationships. We could try to use it as a time to work on relationships, spend time re-engaging, eating together, watching films or playing board games.
  • Money saving!! After all, if we can’t go out and do the usual activities such as eating out, potentially mindless shopping, spending money on petrol to run your car….we have the potential to save some serious money! If you’re trying to get out of debt or build up savings, then use the extra towards this. Maybe plan a holiday in a year or so, and use the cash to start off the saving fund! Plan something fun as a family, once this is all over!
  • Rest and relaxation. Who doesn’t need more of this? If you are unable to work, allow yourself to appreciate the downtime, the reduced stress and pressure of daily life! No commute, no constant demands from colleagues or customers, emails, phone calls etc.
  • Naturally if you can work at home, you can still appreciate the more relaxed approach….being able to wear what you want, take planned breaks, eat healthy food and hopefully you might have family around to make you the odd cuppa!! Tea….now that is very important!!
  • You might have the time to learn a new skill or hobby, enrol on an online course (try Skillshare for ideas.) They have a range of free courses and you can get 2 months’ free access to their premium course as a new member. Maybe try your hand at learning to use Photoshop, improve your drawing skills or learn how to vlog! Use the time as an opportunity for growth, and pursuing those things you’ve always wanted to, but never found the time.
  • Concentrate on healthy eating and fitness goals. As you’ll be at home, you will have total control over what you eat. Could be a good time to really focus on healthy eating, maybe weight loss goals if you have them. Although exercise out of the home might be restricted, there are a lot of free online resources you can do at home…..try Yoga with Adrienne or fitness classes such as POPSUGAR Fitness. Obviously there are many, many more!
  • Read those books that you’ve always intended to, but never have! Maybe you would like to read all the classics, or join an online book club!! I’m trying to work my way through the Richard and Judy Book Club in 2020, and am hoping to make significant progress over the next few months!!
  • Use the time to finish those niggly little jobs around the house….there will be a lot of satisfaction in crossing those off your list.
  • Try new recipes, you’ll have more time to experiment!
  • Practice meditation. It will help you to keep a sense of perspective and calmness through the potentially tough times ahead.
  • Start a blog, or a journal.
  • Declutter your home!! This is a key one for me as it’s one of my goals for 2020. Take the time to go through everything, getting rid of what you don;t need, use or love.
  • Simplify….routines, cupboards, finances…everything!
  • Discover new podcasts, audiobooks and Netflix series.
  • I intend to teach my teens to do house related tasks, gardening, cooking and other essential life skills.

I’m sure there are many more that we can think of…anyone got any other suggestions? Feel free to comment below x

Working in the NHS I’m not going to be home with the kids day to day….but I intend to make the most of the free evenings and weekends at home. Never know, we might even get our lounge painted and finished!! I can hope……

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