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Finding the Positives in Challenging Times.

So this is a different kind of post, but as everything feels so different currently, I guess that doesn't matter! Having done a lot of personal development work of late, I'm now beginning to realise how much my mindset has shifted. I've learnt that I cannot control everything, just my reaction to it...and this feels… Continue reading Finding the Positives in Challenging Times.

Decluttering, Simple life

Decluttering…..simplifying…..back to basics!

How are we in March already? Life seems to be passing so fast, and without making intentional plans, I'm in danger of heading towards the summer without making much progress. What I wanted to achieve this year is to declutter and simplify my house. Although I would love to be a true minimalist, I struggle… Continue reading Decluttering…..simplifying…..back to basics!