Decluttering, Simple life

Decluttering…..simplifying…..back to basics!

How are we in March already? Life seems to be passing so fast, and without making intentional plans, I’m in danger of heading towards the summer without making much progress.

What I wanted to achieve this year is to declutter and simplify my house. Although I would love to be a true minimalist, I struggle to let go of things. I think we all do to one degree or another.

So where to start? There are lots of ideas about how to do this but I found the site that gives great advice and helped me to think about how to start. I found this post in particular really helpful! The main steps Chrissy suggests are:

D – Decide on what you’ll declutter

E – Evaluate what should be in the space – everything else is clutter

C – Clear a working area

L – Layout your kit

U – Understand how you will tackle the area (zone/categories etc…)

T – The Declutter…

T – Too much in the KEEP pile? Check it again

E – Everything away where it belongs

R – Relax and reward yourself for a job well done!

The area I plan to declutter first is the main bedroom. It’s the room that (apart from the garage) is the dumping ground or the ‘waiting room’ for things that need sorting/putting away. I spend a lot of time in there, and my sleep isn’t great, so if I can clear the clutter and create a calm environment, then it can only be helpful. It might even help me sleep better!!

I think I am just going to start small, setting 15-30 minutes aside per day to tackle an area of the room. So far today I have done books, which had been stored in my wardrobe but actually should be on bookcases downstairs… I picked up each book I thought about how I felt about it, am I realistically ever going to read it and whether it was something I would want to re-read. It was amazing that I managed to clear out two piles of books…and all are now in the back of my car to take to the charity shop tomorrow!

There is some more simple things that I know I can clear quickly, but I also know that my cupboards have lots of sentimental stuff in them…the kids’ drawings from when they were little, my mum’s jewellery items…..those are not going to be so easy to do!

The next area I’m going to work on is clothing. I’ve recently read the book ‘Bare’ by Susan Jeffers. Something she talks about is the need to dress for the person and size you are now. To clear out clothes that don’t fit or that make you feel uncomfortable. I have clothes that are currently too small for me (well a bit tight round the middle….you know how it is) and I’ve been keeping them for when I can hopefully get back into them! However, every morning when I open my wardrobe, it makes me feel bad, that I can’t wear a lot of the clothes in there. So I’ve decided that they need to go!! Wish me luck…it’s my weekend mission.

Any of you got any other ideas, tips for decluttering or minimising? Particularly sentimental items…I struggle with that so much, that’s why I’m leaving it until last!

I will post Sunday with an update!!

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