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So this has gone well……..

Wow..OK…I knew it had been a long time, but hadn’t realised quite how long!! Once again I apologise for the delayed post… has a particular habit of getting in the way.

Life has been particularly turned upside down by leaving a job I had been in for many years. I worked with a great bunch of people but felt the desire for a new challenge, so moved to a different team. I had no idea how difficult this would be….after all it’s the same job just in a different team….right??? I was wrong!! I knew it would take time to settle and to get to know the way that the team worked, but had no idea just how much I would struggle, find myself craving my old job and old team and generally feeling out of place.

Wanting to live the most simple life possible, I had to force myself to concentrate on the basics for a few weeks, prioritising the job and the changes in my life that came with it. I’m now working full time for the first time since I had my eldest son, 19 years ago! It’s a killer.

There is so much new information to take in that it’s mentally drained me. I knew rest and sleep had to be the main thing. So I’m afraid anything that could wait…had to.

I concentrated on eating well, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, cutting out the junk/crisps/chocolate and trying to increase my water intake. I managed to increase my exercise, as I have an extra hour at home in the morning, I began to take the dog for a walk before work, as well as walking with some of the staff at work during the day.

I felt as though concentrating on the basics, and trying not to be too hard on myself, helped a lot. I’ve now been there for 4 weeks and am currently taking the next step, trying to focus on the wider picture, establishing new routines and trying to organise myself better. Tonya Dalton’s book ‘The Joy of Missing Out’ has been essential reading!! I’ll write more about this in future blog posts, but would strongly recommend her book, podcast and You Tube channel for anyone who wants to focus on the priorities in life and develop systems to manage the rest!!

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