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All change!

So it’s 2020……somehow feels more significant than most decade changes….other than the 2000 one obviously. It has a great ring to it! And it’s a year that is definitely going to bring changes for me……the first of these has just happened, as I’ve left the job I’ve been in for almost 22 years. Aaarrgghhh!!!! I start a new job on Monday and will be full-time for the first time since having my eldest son. It’s a significant move for me, one that has forced me to confront my lack of confidence and general fear of change. I’m a girl who, I now recognise, likes my comfort zone and has always been quite happy there. More recently though, I’ve felt the need for change, for things to shift and to push myself more to enjoy my life on a new level. I guess I feel the need to grow and maybe to no longer just settle in life and accept that it’s “just the way it is.”

I’ve been seeing a life coach, to try and help me feel less stuck and able to move on, to achieve the goals I have in life. This has been an eye opening experience and one that I’ve gained great value from. It’s led to a whole new understanding about why I am the way I am, and how to begin to shift things! I feel there are so many changes ahead for me, and feel quite excited about it.

I find change scary and unsettling, and from browsing online, this is totally normal! I found this article fascinating. In terms of managing change, it is important to accept that it may be difficult, and that being stressed or finding it hard, is part of the process. So I know it’s not going to be easy. I guess accepting that and understanding it is half the battle. It’s not going to be plain sailing and I need to be prepared for that.

Stephanie A. Starks Ph.D. wrote the article 10 Ways to Cope With Big Changes in which she talks about the need to acknowledge things are changing! It’s important to keep up with your regular routine as far as possible whilst changes are happening, to try and eat healthily and exercise regularly. She also highlighted the importance of getting support from others, which is something that I have found invaluable. It helps to be able to talk about the challenges you’re facing and the discussion of ideas and different ways of thinking. It also helps to be able to vent a little, but there is a need to not spend too long doing this!!

So whilst changes are scary, I’m also feeling exited, that I can begin to challenge myself and maybe even prove to myself that I can do it!! What’s that quote by Jim Rohn?….”If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!”

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